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The Journey That Began At Midnight
The Journey That Began at Midnight
Moses had a wonderful and FRIGHTENING job to do. But he knew he could do anything, because God was with him. And so he started back to Egypt to ask Pharaoh to let the Hebrew people go.
When Moses marched up to Pharaoh and said, "God says you must let the Hebrew people go!" - Pharaoh was FURIOUS.
"Who is God," he said, "that he should tell me what to do?"
But God punished Pharaoh, and Pharaoh changed his mind. And when Pharaoh cried, "All right! Let them go!" - it looked as if the job was DONE right then and there. But it wasn't.
The minute Pharaoh forgot his punishment, he changed his mind. "No," he cried, "they cannot go!"
So the job got harder.
God punished Pharaoh again, until he cried, "All right. Let them go!"
But as soon as they were ready to go - he changed his mind again!
He changed his mind again
and again
and AGAIN.
And the job got harder
and harder
until it looked IMPOSSIBLE.
"Pharaoh will never let us go," said the Hebrew people. "Today or tomorrow or next week. We will NEVER GO." And they gave up hope - everyone but Moses. And THEN -
God said to Moses, "Tonight you shall lead my people out of Egypt. Now is the time."
Moses told the people what they should do. And they did it. They gathered all their things. They prepared a special supper. They stayed in their houses - quietly - and waited. It got late. They ate their special supper, standing up, ready to go. Waiting for the signal. Quietly. It got later and later and later, until it was midnight. And then -
The signal!
"Now!" said Moses. And all the families cried, "Now!" And they tumbled out of their houses. Fathers and mothers and children and grandfathers and grandmothers. With goats and sheep and wagons and carts and bundles. They were like a mighty army, following Moses. Dozens of them. Hundreds of them. Thousands and THOUSANDS of them, following Moses out of Egypt. Following Moses into the desert -
The desert!
Where were they going? How would they know?
Did Moses know? The people wondered as they marched along. They wondered when they stopped to rest. They marched on and ON - and wondered. And then - they stopped in their tracks. There ahead of them was a great big cloud. Not like any other cloud they had ever seen. "It's God," they cried. "It's God, showing us which way to go!"
And it was!
The people followed the cloud all day. And at night when they couldn't see it - but they COULD see it. Because it changed into a pillar of fire!
And they marched on, free at last. They knew God was with them day and night. For they had a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to prove it to them!

Of course God doesn't lead us with clouds and pillars of fire today - but He DOES lead us. Can you think of any time when you felt that God was really showing you what to do? Or perhaps it happened to your dad or mother, or the whole family. Can you think of Bible verses in which God tells you what He wants you to do?
"Teach me thy way, O LORD" (Psalm 27:11).