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A Surprise For A Princess
A Surprise for a Princess
It certainly looked as if baby Moses didn't have a chance. There he was, rocking back and forth in a basket in the river. And there was his big sister Miriam watching from the shore. SHE couldn't help him. But God could!
When Miriam heard the women's voices, she crept through the reeds to peek - and stopped in her tracks. "It's the PRINCESS!" she gasped. "She's coming to bathe in the river!"
Sure enough, it was! Her beautiful dress was purple and gold. Her rings and bracelets glittered in the sunlight. Her maidens fanned her with large fans. She was a princess all right and her father was THE WICKED PHARAOH!
Miriam looked back at the basket. It was rocking back and forth - "oh dear," thought Miriam. "Is he awake? Is he KICKING? Oh DEAR!" And she thought, "Baby, be quiet - PLEASE be quiet!" And then -
"What is that, floating over there?" It was the princess speaking. She has seen the basket! Miriam's heart almost stopped beating. She stumbled closer, and listened while the princess asked one of her maidens to bring the basket to her. She watched while the maiden waded over and got the basket. She held her breath while the princess and her maidens looked inside. The baby kicked his little feet. He doubled up his little fists. He puckered up his little face. And he cried! Oh, he cried HARD! Miriam almost fell over her own feet, to get closer.
"It's one of the Hebrew babies - it belongs to one of the people of Israel," said the princess, as she picked him up. "He's a beautiful baby," she crooned, as she held him close.
The maidens stood around, all excited. "What are you going to DO with him?" they asked.
The princess looked at the baby. The baby stopped crying for a minute, and looked at the princess. And then -
"I - I'm going to keep him," she said. "I'm going to call him Moses." Baby Moses began to cry again, as if this wasn't good news at all. But Miriam knew it was the best news in the world!
"You'll have to find him a nurse," said the maidens. And Miriam stumbled out of the reeds before she had time to even be frightened. She bowed to the princess and her legs got all tangled up like a pretzel, she was so excited.
"Oh, princess!" she cried. "I know where you can get him a nurse!" And the princess looked at Miriam for a moment, and said - "All right. Go get me a nurse."
Miriam ran back to her mother so fast she could hardly get her breath, to tell her mother the wonderful news. And Miriam and her mother hurried back down to the river so fast - so fast! And at last they stood trembling before the princess.
"Take care of this baby for me," said the princess. "And I will pay you well." And she put baby Moses right where he belonged - right back in his mother's arms! Moses stopped crying, just as if he knew everything was going to be all right. And everything WAS all right! Moses snuggled up in his mother's arms safe from the wicked Pharaoh's soldiers. Miriam and her mother had their baby back again, and the soldiers couldn't kill him now. He belonged to Pharaoh's daughter - the princess!
Yes, for awhile it had certainly looked as if baby Moses was in trouble. But God was watching out for him - and there were exciting things ahead!

Miriam and her mother had to give baby Moses away for his own good. Have you ever had to part with something when it really HURT? (No - not a tooth; don't be smart.) Miriam certainly got the job done, didn't she? In order to get a job done you have to be in the right place at the right time. Can you think of times when you got a job done because you obeyed? Or times when jobs didn't get done because you disobeyed?
"Serve the LORD with all your heart"
(I Samuel 12:20).